Cheshire West Eating Support Group

We are a support group for men and women aged 18+ who are affected with eating disorders of any kind. You do not have to be in treatment to come. This group is part of the b-eat Self Help Network.

The group is run by two group facilitators, Helen Davies and Linda Davies.

The group has been running since September 2011. We have been vetted and follow strict guidelines re groups and their code of conduct, ethics and responsibilities. However the main rule we follow is CONFIDENTIALITY. What you share with us stays with us. We ask you to respect this as you may bump into another group member in the local high street! We receive regular training and supervision for our work. We run two separate groups one for family, friends and other loved ones this group runs on the second Thursday of the month   from 7.00pm to 8.30pm. The other for recovery on the fourth Thursday of the month again 7.00pm till 8.30pm.

We have a book collection you can browse through as well as other pieces of literature available to take away. There is no admission charge. We ask kindly that: during group you switch your mobile phone off to avoid disturbance

We are just ordinary people with first hand experience of eating disorders in one way or another. We want to offer our support to those whose lives are hit hard by this devastating illness

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