Some quotes and thoughts that have helped others:

Dont give up. Dont Give In. Dont be alone in this, because you are not. Do get help. You ARE worth it. We are here to support you.

“Control. The ultimate illusion. The illusion or belief that one is or can be in control is so powerful. Most of my panic attacks come from attempts to control or rationalise what is uncontrollable. It’s also so unfair to impose on myself the impossible task of being in control of what is inherently uncontrollable.”

Beliefs are a collection of thoughts we accept as true.....It doesn’t mean they are! Its vital to let go of beliefs that destroy your confidence

You cant have as better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time. Stop worrying about the past. Learn from your mistakes and move forward....its the only place to go next.

I Like being better....not better than others...but better than being ill

No-one is better than anyone else, only different
Focus on your potential Not your limitations

You don’t have to be happy all the time to be healthy

Recovery brings freedom
Its ok not to be perfect because imperfections make you who you are

Mistakes are to treasure ...learn from them

Hold The Hope
Dont let your fears stand in the way of your dreams

I really like this

Poem: My Mum, My Saviour

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