My Mum, My Saviour

When every one was afraid of the illness
And avoided me like I had the plague
My mum stayed strong by my side

When my world fell apart
And I had nothing to live for
My mum helped me put it back together

When I lost all faith
And my everything was empty
My mum trusted and believed in me

When I hated who I was
And felt everyone else did too
My mum showed me more love than ever

When I slipped backwards in my recovery
And decided it was just too hard
My mum held my hand and nudged me gently forward

When the eating disorder took over
And I became someone I didn't want to be
My mum waited patiently for her daughter to return

When I forgot how to smile
And I had nothing to brighten my dark days
My mum brought some fun and laughter back into my life

When I couldn’t see how ill I really was
And no one knew how to help me
My mum just listened about how I was feeling

When everyone else was smothering me
And telling me to just eat
My mum gave me the space i needed to find my own answers

When I was losing my fight
And life was slipping away
My mum inspired me to keep battling on

When most of my friends gave up on me
And I started to feel so pathetic and alone
My mum became my best friend

My mum is my world
My strength, my inspiration
Without her this illness would have consumed me

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