Helen Davies

Hi Im a facilitator of CWEST. I suffered from an eating disorder throughout my 20s and since my recovery have wanted to try and support those affected by this all consuming illness. I am lucky enough now to have a life free from the domination of food and am able to enjoy my career as a youth worker, time with friends and family and lots of hobbies. I hope I may be able to help others on their road to recovery to get there to. My mum was my rock throughout my illness, and still is today. She often attends the carers group to share her experiences and empathise with other carers. We had a very difficult relationship for a number of years, caused by the illness, which completely changed me both physically and mentally. However, we are now closer than ever and my relationships with my family are great again. That was one of the worst things about the eating disorder.....it changed my personality that much that most of my relationships changed too....for the worse, although I never realised it at the time. For those reading this whose lives are determined by their eating disorder, you have to believe that if you want to have freedom from the illness you can, but you have to be really honest with yourself and those supporting you. You just have to hold the hope and when it gets tough you have to stay strong and focus on what the illness has taken from you and what you want out of life......as I know I wouldn’t have what I have now if I still had a life ruled by my eating disorder.

Linda Davies

I'm Helen mum so total understand what it is like to try and support someone with an eating disorder. I know how vital it is as a carer to get support for yourself, as its such a difficult role you need to get help to stay strong, so you can be there for the one you love. It is such a frustrating illness and as a carer you can at times feel so helpless and alone. but with the support of other carers you are never alone.

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